DANCE SHOES: how to choose the right one

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Who knows how many of you dream of being able to start taking dance lessons. Surely many, undertake this path not only as professionals, but also to start a new path, in order to socialize, perhaps after the end of a love story or simply for fun. To start this adventure in the best possible way, you need to have the right shoes, the most suitable ones for every type of dance. Here are some tips to follow when choosing

For each type of dance you need suitable shoes that allow for smooth movement. The main features to take into consideration for a right choice are:

  1. Comfort in order not to tire the body, the body is subjected to a considerable effort and must be able to move freely;
  2. Made with quality materials so as to mold to the foot in a short time;
  3. Appropriate to the type of dance you relate to, let's say its shoe at every dance! We will therefore have:


Latin American dances tell a story of love and passion through the dance of the two dancers; the shoes that are worn bring with them the light, the magic and are very seductive, often embellished with light points.

Usually for women the choice falls on a 5 cm spool heel during rehearsals, but for performances there are models with stiletto or stiletto heels that can reach up to 10 cm in height.


This wonderful couple dance, sensual and passionate, requires shoes with the perfect size, your own. For dancers there is a wide choice of models; open shoes, with laces that close on the instep, with a heel that can have an average height of five to eight centimeters. The dancer must certainly opt for a preferably soft leather shoe, on average three to five centimeters high.

The most popular women's model among dancers who are passionate about this dance is certainly a 5 cm heel décolleté. It is usually a very elegant and comfortable model at the same time. You can find them in many different colors and decorations!


Salsa is a blend of South American dances including Merenghe, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Mambo, performed by the dancers with energy and passion.

For this reason the shoes used for this type of dance must have comfort as their main feature, usually they are made with a 5 cm spool heel flared towards the ground to offer greater stability.


Caribbean dance requires energy and sturdy shoes. This does not preclude their beauty! It is possible to choose sandals that leave the foot almost completely uncovered on a heel of 5 to 8 cm. 

When you choose dance shoes it is very important to focus on quality so as not to find yourself on the most beautiful to have problems, for this reason it is important to rely on professionals in the sector, who with their experience can advise you in the choice, especially if you are a beginner.